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Pond Relief - Biological Lake and Pond Cleaner


Pond Relief Algae Treatment is a natural, non-toxic, biological product designed to solve the problem of excessive nutrient content in contained bodies of water, which causes and aids the growth of algae. CONTAINS OVER 5 BILLION WORKERS IN EVERY GRAM!!!

When added to a lake or pond, Pond Relief will quickly populate the affected area and help break down excessive organic matter and nutrient runoff, improve water clarity, reduce odours and restore a natural balance to the ecosystem. Pond Relief is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product and is non-toxic to humans, fish, beneficial aquatic organisms and wildlife.

How to Use

Handle Pond Relief with dry hands or gloves. For faster results we recommend that you re-hydrate the pond Relief. Firstly get a bucket of the pond water and add boiling water from the kettle until it is hand hot. Add the amount of pond relief required and a few teaspoons of sugar to give the bacteria a food source and leave for 2-4 hours max. Then spread evenly into the pond. This will give a much faster result.
If you do not have time to do this then for convenience the sachets are water soluble so can be thrown or dropped directly into the water.

Small Ponds - Initial Application Add 6g (1 heaped teaspoon) per 1 square metre of surface area. A second treatment may be required 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment depending on the severity of the problem.
Maintenance Add 3g (1 level teaspoon) every 30 - 60 days to prevent the algae returning.

Large Ponds - Initial Application Every 30 days use 500gr / 200m2 of aquatic surface area and continue applications until desired results are achieved.
Maintenance Every 30 to 60 days use 100 gr./100m2 of aquatic surface area. Continue applications to maintain desired appearance of water system throughout the growing season, especially during periods of excess fertiliser runoff.

UV lights will affect the bacteria so we recommend that they are switched off during treatment (minimum 6 – 8 weeks) The best time to use pond relief is Spring time to mid Summer time when water temperature is above 13 degrees


Pond Relief Biological Lake and Pond Cleaner 100 g

  100g Tub  
  £12.00 Ex. VAT  
  £14.40 Inc. VAT


Pond Relief Biological Lake and Pond Cleaner 500 g

  500 grams (water soluble sachets)  
  £29.00 Ex. VAT  
  £34.80 Inc. VAT


Pond Relief Biological Lake and Pond Cleaner 10kg

  1 x 10 kg  
  £320.00 Ex. VAT  
  £396.00 Inc. VAT
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