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GreenOff - Algae and Moss Remover


GreenOff is a safe, effective restorative cleaner for the removal of moss and green algae build from all wooden, stone and glass surfaces. Ideal for use on patios, wooden decking, fencing panels, garden sheds, greenhouses, walls and brickwork giving long term protection on all surfaces. GreenOff also reduces the risk of slipping by removing ingrained green slime, moss, food residues and organic waste on decking, paving and floor surfaces. Excellent for cleaning around barbecue areas to remove spillages of oil, grease and food deposits. Will not affect plants, grass lawns and pets.

Areas of application include:
• Raised decking and walkways.
• Stone patios, pavements and drives.
• Greenhouse and Conservatory glass.
• Ornamental pots and containers.
• Wooden Sheds and Fencing Panels.
• Garden Water Features and Fountains.
• Monuments and Gravestones.

How to Use

Dilute the product 1 : 4 (250ml per litre of water) for heavy cleaning and 1 : 8 for light maintenance work. This will treat up to 25 square metres of surface area.

For Decking, Patios, Stone & Marble Features, Paving Slabs etc: Pour some of the diluted GreenOff onto the floor and agitate it with a brush, working it about the area until you need to apply some more. You will notice the immediate reaction when it comes into contact with any algae, moss or organic waste. It can either be left and simply allow the next rainfall to wash it away, or after an hour or two, can be rinsed off with a hose and brush or by using a pressure washer.

For Sheds and Fencing Panels: Either use a coarse sprayer or simply apply with a paint or creosote brush and leave to dry off naturally. In trials, surfaces have remained clear for over 12 months after treatment helping to prolong the lifespan of all wood constructions.

Greenhouses and Conservatories: Spray on glass surfaces and leave for a couple of hours. Rinse off with water.


GreenOff Algae and Moss Remover 1 Litre

  1 Litre  
  £14.00 Ex. VAT  
  £16.80 Inc. VAT


GreenOff Algae and Moss Remover 5 Litre

  5 Litre  
  £28.00 Ex. VAT  
  £33.60 Inc. VAT
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