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Safety Solvent Cleaner


Safety Solvent Cleaner is a highly refined blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons which can be used as a safe alternative to traditional 111 Trichloroethane based solvent degreasers where rapid drying is not a critical requirement. It does not contain any ozone depletants and is non-toxic. Safety Solvent cleaner is effective on oils, silicon’s and greases leaving surfaces clean and without residues when dry. The evaporation rate can be significantly increased with the aid of warm air circulation.It has a high flash point of 60 Degrees C and although classified as flammable it is considerably less hazardous than many of the other alternatives.
Safety Solvent Cleaner is safe on metals, alloys, plastics, electronic and electrical components, elastomers, most rubbers and painted surfaces including chlorinated rubber finishes. Safety Solvent Cleaner is suitable for precision cleaning operations, electrical and mechanical cleaning including PCB’s and motor windings.

How to Use

Safety Solvent Cleaner can be used manually with sprayer/brush or in ultrasonic bath or dip-tank. Allow to dry naturally, or blow dry with air.


Safety Solvent Cleaner 1 Litre

  1 Litre  
  £14.00 Ex. VAT  
  £16.80 Inc. VAT


Safety Solvent Cleaner 5 Litre

  5 Litre  
  £40.00 Ex. VAT  
  £48.00 Inc. VAT


Safety Solvent Cleaner 25 Litre

  25 Litre Drum  
  £120.00 Ex. VAT  
  £144.00 Inc. VAT
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