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BioMagic Anchor - Toilet Treatment / Odour Control


BioMagic Anchor Odour Control is a unique formulation based on micro biological technology that attaches an anchor on the odour forming molecules and prevents them from escaping (airborne) out of the tank or drainage system thus preventing bad smells and keeps the bio degradation in the tank working effectively. It Prevents build up of calcium (no scale build up in the tank) whilst having a built in oxygenator that stimulates microbes to digest organic waste quicker.

It is ideal for use in caravans, boats, motorhomes, RV's, narrow Boats, caravan parks, camp sites or anyone travelling overseas and needing to be sure they don't run out of BioMagic while away from home! Five litres of BioMagic Anchor will provide up to 100-weeks of treatment for a standard 20-litre cassette and up to 85 weeks of treatment for a large holding tank depending on your emptying cycle. To get the best out of BioMagic Anchor, always make sure you add enough water to your cassette or holding tank to completely submerge all solid waste so that the ingredients in BioMagic are able to contact ALL the waste. Also adjust your dosing for a 'NO_ODOUR' condition, only adding more when you detect any unpleasant odour coming from the toilet.

Keep bad odours where they belong!

How to Use

For Motor Homes, Caravans and Boats, Firstly flush out your cassette or holding tank to make sure there are no poisons left that could harm the natural bacteria as they break down all the solids. Add 1 or 2 litres of water depending on the size of your cassette/holding tank to make sure all solids can be covered. Add 100ml of Biomagic to kick start the biological process. When the cassette or tank is emptied, flush out enough to remove the liquids and solids so that a trace of the friendly bacteria may be left in the tank. Add the 1 or 2 litres of water and a 25 - 50ml dose of Biomagic and this will keep working for at least 1 week before you need to empty or add a further dosage. The only time you need to flush your tank out 100% is before you store your van for long periods.
Biomagic may also be used to prevent odours from your gray water tank, simply add 25 - 50mls to a 100 Litre gray water tank. It may also be used in your flushing tank if one is fitted.

Note: The use of toxic cleaners such as acids, caustics, bleaches and disinfectants will have a detrimental effect on the biological activity and should not be used in the drainage system at the same time as BioMagic Anchor.


BioMagic Anchor Odour Control 1 litre

  1 litre bottle  
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BioMagic Anchor Odour Control 5 litre

  5 Litres  
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