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OxiPowder - Oxygenator and Blanketweed Control


OxiPowder is a coated powder micro-bead of Sodium Percarbonate which is an effective killer of fungi, mildew, moss, algae and blanketweed with no environmental impact. It is a blend of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water breaks down to oxygen and sodium carbonate (soda ash).

OxiPowder works brilliantly at breaking down singled celled organisms such as moss roots, algae and blanketweed structures. It breaks down re-productive moss spores, thereby reducing the chance of moss re-growing in the future. When used in ponds, fountains and water features, not only kills all forms of algae but creates oxygen during the process of breaking down the organic matter. This rapidly improves the water quality for fish and aquatic life to improve oxygen levels and reduce sludge build up in ponds and lakes. Also helps to prevents sudden fish death due to low oxygen levels which are a direct result of algae and blanketweed growth. Prevents stagnant water situations and enhances biological treatments for algae and blanketweed control. Stagnant and foul smelling pond and water areas are quickly restored to a healthy, fresh condition and odours eliminated. OxiPowder is used in commercial fish farming to reduce algae in the water and can be used in conjunction with our Pond Relief to provide a long-term solution to Algae, Blanketweed and Silt problems in Ponds, Fishing Lakes and Boat Marinas.

OxiPowder can be added to water butts in gardens and allotments to prevent algae growth and stagnant water situations. It can also be added to detergents for deck and patio cleaning, garden tool sterilisation. Use as a pre-soak or laundry additive to remove stains from fabrics and clothing.

How to Use

For algae and blanketweed control
Wearing gloves, broad cast by hand roughly 10g to 20gm over a 1 mtr square area. Target areas where the algae can be seen floating on the surface or attached to plants around the edges of the pond. You will see an immediate ‘reaction’ on contact with the algae and blanketweed. Other beads of OxiPowder will sink to the bottom of the pond and react on the algae and blanketweed on the floor of the pond. The affected algae and blanketweed will quickly turn brown, die and eventually sink to the bottom of the pond.

For Decking, Patios, Stone & Marble Features, Paving Slabs etc:
Dissolve 50gms of OxiPowder per 1 litre of water and spray onto the floor, covering any moss or ‘green’ algae stained areas. If you have time, agitate it with a brush, working it about the area until you need to apply some more. It will immediately react on contact with any algae, moss or organic waste. It can either be left and simply allow the next rainfall to wash it away, or after an hour or two, can be rinsed off with a hose and brush or by using a pressure washer.

Pre-Soak and Laundry Additive
Add 30 gm to laundry powder when either pre-soaking or using the washing machine.


OxiPowder Oxygenator and Blanketweed Control 1 kg

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OxiPowder Oxygenator and Blanketweed Control 25 kg

  25 Kg Bag  
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