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BioMagic Water Tank Cleaner


Accidentally filled your water tank with Diesel? BioMagic Fresh Water Tank cleaner will solve your problem!

BioMagic Tank Cleaner is designed to treat diesel contaminated fresh water tanks and when applied as instructed on the bottle will remove all traces of smell and the nasty taste of fuel from your water tank. Saves you from having to strip out the tank and all the pipes that have been contaminated and replace them, thus saving you money.
The 1-litre bottle will treat tanks up to 200-litres but it is best to have enough product for two treatments.

• Removes the taste and smell of diesel from your fresh water tank
• Saves you from having to strip out the tank and all pipes that have been contaminated and replace them, therefore saving you money.
• Non-Hazardous

How to Use

For 80 to 100-litre Fresh Water Tanks for larger tanks increase the quantities accordingly.
1. Drain or hose out as much of the diesel/fuel as possible. Do not run the water pump! If the pump has not been switched on during and since the contamination this will save having to treat all the pipes as well as the tank. However, if the pump has been run, it will have contaminated the pipe work as well so in that case you will have to extend the treatment to include the pipe work and boiler.

2. Flush tank and pipes with warm water and if possible with detergent (fairy liquid) and 150ml of methylated spirits. Cold water will do but may take longer to get rid of the meths smell.

3. Drain and flush out with fresh (cold) water.

4. Add half the contents of the Tank Cleaner bottle to the tank, then fill the tank to overflowing making sure that the filler pipe is overflowing if possible. Drive the van up and down (if possible) to mix and make sure all areas are treated. Run the hot and cold taps one after the other to make sure that the mixture reaches all the affected parts including the hot water boiler. If you have access to the tank, remove the lid and wipe the inside top of the tank where diesel droplets can form. Leave standing for at least 24 hours.

5. Finally, rinse thoroughly with cold fresh water allowing it to overflow from the filler and vent and run taps again to flush pipes and boiler out. There should now be no taste or smell of fuel.

6. If you need to carry out a second treatment then simply just repeat the above using the other half of the Tank Cleaner.

7. Once you are satisfied that the tank and pipes are clear, sanitize the water system using Milton or a similar product. Follow the instructions on the sanitizing liquid bottle for your tank size, then flush again with fresh water. Good Luck!


BioMagic Water Tank Cleaner 1 litre

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