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Barley Bio Algae Control


Barley Bio Algae Control is an environmentally friendly product which controls algae and blanketweed. The product works by starving the algae and changing the water chemistry to inhibit algae growth without harming the fish, wildlife or plants within the pond.

• Contains micro-organisms specifically selected for algae control.
• Clean, simple and easy to use.
• Using more than the recommended dosage causes no harm.
• Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.

It is important to follow up this treatment with our Pond Relief to get rid of the dead algae and blanketweed otherwise new problems may appear later.

Additional Information
• Natural products sometimes work less quickly than available chemical products but offer a safer solution.
• Barley Bio Algae Control does not contain any chemicals.
• The product will not cause any clouding of the water.
• The micro-organisms are cultivated on a barley straw substrate.

How to Use

Remove as much blanketweed as possible before dosing and then stop manual removal. Removing existing blanketweed prevents dead algae creating nutrient rich sludge at the bottom of the pond and speeds up the control process.

For ponds with an existing algae problem: Initial dose of 125 mls per 4,500 Litres (1000 gallons) directly into the pond water. To maintain add 20mls every week during spring & summer, this ensures a background level is maintained within the pond to ensure that it works effectively.

As a preventative measure: Add 20mls per 4,500 Litres (1000 gallons) directly into the pond water every week throughout spring and summer. We recommend starting to dose it at the beginning of March.

For smaller ponds (less than 2,250 litres (500 gallons): Use a minimum initial dose of 50mls followed by a minimum maintenance dose of 10mls per week throughout spring & summer.

It is best added near to a re-circulating system or pond pump to ensure it is well mixed, but otherwise, it can simply be sprinkled across the surface of the water. Please note that the above dosages are given as a guideline, as all ponds and algae respond differently to treatment.

Barley Bio Algae Control is a totally natural product, so it may take a few weeks before you see the full effect. If you are not satisfied that it is working quickly enough, you can add more as it will not harm your fish, pond plants, wildlife or pets.


Barley Bio Algae Control 1 Litre

  1 Litre Bottle  
  £16.00 Ex. VAT  
  £19.20 Inc. VAT


Barley Bio Algae Control 5 Litre

  5 Litre Bottle  
  £50.00 Ex. VAT  
  £60.00 Inc. VAT


Barley Bio Algae Control 25 Litre

  25 ltr Drum  
  £150.00 Ex. VAT  
  £180.00 Inc. VAT
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