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Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser


InterBio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser uses unique anti-microbial barrier technology to provide an unrivalled protection in the fight against bacterial and viral infections and potential outbreaks. It provides a water-stabilised, non-toxic shield by attaching itself to the carbohydrate molecules of the skin and remains effective until the skin cells are shed. The molecules of this barrier coating actually puncture the cells of the bacteria and viruses and give off a positive charge which destroys it. The long lasting anti-microbial coating on your skin will remain active for up to 24 hours and even during washing and bathing.

InterBio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser gives >99.99% effective protection against H1N1, Norovirus, E Coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, Salmonella & Coronaviruses. Beneficial for rough dry or broken skin, eczema, athletes foot, fungal nail infections. Ideal for all outdoor leisure activities, festivals, camping, fitness gyms, social dancing, cruise holidays, hospital and nursing homes, schools and anywhere involving close contact with many different people or where there are infection outbreaks. Will not stain or discolour clothing.

• Works rapidly against many common micro-organisms in as little as 30 seconds.
• Kills up to 99.999% of common bacteria that can cause infection, contamination or illness.
• One application can last for up to 24 hours but can be used more frequently if preferred.
• The protective film will not wash off so normal washing during daytime activities will not impact on its efficiency or durability.
• Suitable for sensitive skin conditions, kind to hands without drying the skin. Moisturises skin and assists healing.
• Excellent for alcohol restricted applications.
• Long-lasting barrier against harmful bacteria, fungal & viral infections. Prevents foot & body odour.
• Luxury foam formulation allows a quicker and more effective application.
• Non toxic, safe for all members of the family, children & pets.

How to Use

• Ensure hands or skin area are visibly clean.
• Pump one or two applications onto the palm of the hand.
• Rub gently into the front and back of the hands, not forgetting fingernails, skin creases and between the fingers.
• Allow to air dry, normally within 30 seconds but may take a little longer in different circumstances.
• No need to rinse. Keep hands or skin area out of water until coating feels dry.
• Skin will feel very smooth and the product will not sting or irritate if there are any cuts or abrasions present.
• When using the 200ml Refill bottle, pour into our 50ml foam pump ensuring you do not fill to the top, allow about 2cm space so there is no overspill when the pump is screwed back on.


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser 50ml

  £6.50 Ex. VAT  
  £7.80 Inc. VAT


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser 2 x 50ml

  2 x 50ml  
  £11.00 Ex. VAT  
  £13.20 Inc. VAT


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser 4 x 50ml

  4 x 50ml  
  £20.00 Ex. VAT  
  £24.00 Inc. VAT


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser 200ml Refill

  £18.00 Ex. VAT  
  £21.60 Inc. VAT


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser Starter Pack - Contains 1 x 50ml Pump & 200ml Refill

  200ml + 50ml  
  £25.00 Ex. VAT  
  £30.00 Inc. VAT


Interbio 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser 750ml

  £40.00 Ex. VAT  
  £48.00 Inc. VAT
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