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Oxiplus - Super Oxygenator and Bio-Stimulant


Oxiplus is a super oxygenator and bio-stimulant that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Ponds, Lakes & Aquaculture
To improve oxygen levels and reduce sludge build up in ponds, lakes and fish farming. Prevents stagnant water situations and enhances biological treatments for algae and blanketweed control.

Horticulture & Grass Treatments
OxiPlus stimulates beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae to open up compacted soil particles and make more nutrient and minerals available for healthy and rapid plant growth. Prevents anaerobic layer developing and provides an oxygen source for plants in over-watered or flood conditions, enabling plants to survive and prevents rotting of the root system. Reduces thatch levels and improves soil drainage on bowling greens, tennis courts and sports pitches.

Animal Slurry & Manure Treatments
Rapidly accelerates waste degradation. Improves quality of manure, reduces mal odours and risk of plant burn and animal diseases. For use on sewage farms, Animal holding areas, chicken coops, stables, milking parlours & pig sties on farms and small holdings. OxiPlus also quickly converts compost and manure making it safer and more readily available as a plant nutrient.

Septic Tanks & Grease Traps
Reduces odours and stimulates the biological activity in Septic Tanks, Toilet & Washrooms in homes, farms, entertainment parks & factories.

Caravan, Motorhome & Boat Cassette Toilets & Grey Water Tanks
Reduces odours and stimulates biological activity to break down waste in Chemical toilet cassettes, sewage holding tanks and grey water holding tanks in caravans, motorhomes, narrowboats, Deep-sea power or sailing boats, ships and any other mobile waste facility or portable public toilet.

Bio-Stimulation in Land Contamination
Alters anaerobic conditions to rapidly increase the bio degradation of contaminants found on industrial land and brown field sites. Improves efficiency and reduces timescale for remediation projects involving Land Farming, Biopile and Windrow Systems.

General Household / Industrial
In the home to eliminate odours from conventional toilets, cat litter boxes, dog baskets, kennels, carpets & floor coverings. For nursing homes to eliminate odours from bedpans and accidental spillages of human waste. There are literally hundreds of uses to control waste and odours in commercial & industrial premises including Restaurants, Grease Traps, Abattoirs, Hotels, Meat Packers, Garbage Collection Vehicles, Interceptors and Sewage Treatment Systems.

How to Use

Ponds, Lakes and Aquaculture
Allow 5ml per cubic metre. Dilute total dosage required in sufficient water to evenly spread across the surface area of the pond/lake.

Horticultural & Grass Treatments
Dilute 1ml in 1 Litre of water, this treats 1 square metre. For plant watering put 1 teaspoon in a gallon watering can.

Animal Slurry & Manure Treatment
For mainly liquid slurry apply at a rate of 20mls per cubic metre. For heavy solids and crusted lagoons etc, dilute 100mls in sufficient water to treat 1 cubic metre (1000 Litres).

Septic Tanks & Grease Traps
Flush 50mls per week into the system.

Caravan, Motorhome & Boat Cassette Toilets & Grey Water Tanks
Add 25mls to enough water to cover the bottom of the cassette tank each time the toilet is emptied. For large holding tanks dose 25mls weekly. Ideal for use with biological cleaners.

Bio-Stimulation in Land Contamination Projects Dilute 4 mls in sufficient water to treat 1 cubic metre of soil.

General Household
Dilute Oxiplus 10:1 with water, fill a clean, fine trigger spray bottle then use it in sink and bath outlets, in drains and around the house as a general deodorising spray, in the toilet bowl to tackle bathroom smells, cat litter boxes, dog baskets etc.


OxiPlus 1 litre

  1 Litre Bottle  
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Oxiplus 5 litre

  5 Litre  
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  £72.00 Inc. VAT
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