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Inter-Bio offer a wide range of highy effective, environmentally friendly products for cleaning, hygiene and maintenance for the home, workplace and leisure environments


IMPORTANT EU SHIPPING NEWS - Since Brexit we have been experiencing mounting difficulties with sending our goods to some of the EU Countries. We want to advise our customers that any goods sent outside of the UK will now be liable for duties and customs taxes when the goods arrive in the destination country. This will be an extra cost on top of what you have already paid to us and it is your responsibility to pay this direct to the courier for your goods to be released for delivery. We have had a few instances where the customer has not paid and the goods have been returned to us which has resulted in us losing money! We are a small family business and cannot take the hit so we want to make it clear that if this happens then no refunds will be issued so you will be ordering at your own risk! This is an unfortunate situation but we have no option but to take this action thanks to all the new rules and regulations! 

Recently on Morning Live TV and Radio 2 the major problem of skin damage caused by alcohol-based sanitisers and frequent hand washing to adults and children was highlighted. Healthy skin is your primary defence against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus. When using InterBio 24hr Hand and Skin Sanitiser, the unique protective barrier remains active all day and will not be removed by this frequent washing thereby preventing removal of natural oil, drying out and damage to the skin. It is also safe to use on broken skin, eczema, acne, athlete’s foot and helps to speed up the healing process. We receive regular reports of noticeable improvements within a few days of use. Find Out More Here

We also have a Sanitising Surface Protector based on the same advanced technology as our 24hr Hand & Skin Sanitiser, which will give up to 14 day protection against viruses and harmful bacteria on all hard surfaces both indoors and outside. This will be particularly useful once we are allowed to visit with our friends and family.

We have many years experience developing, formulating and marketing a wide range of superior biological solutions for a wide range of industries. Thoroughly tested, our products are designed to be reliable, effective and safe. The emphasis is on environmentally friendly products and great care is taken to ensure that the product range meets this goal.

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